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I'm writing about the first times.

Here's why.

(That photo is the very first photo I've taken of New York City.)

I've had multiple attempts in the past to write something under a "theme." I thought I'll do one about the early days when I move to a new territory, about landmarks that I see, about being an introvert but things happen and I couldn't follow through.

This is another attempt to do just that.

The Splice Newsroom team asked me to write about attending a media festival for the first time, especially when you're an introvert for Splice Beta. They've also asked me to moderate a panel discussions (yes two), which is something I've not done for the first time.

So I figured, why not also write about it. And all the other first times.

And ultimately, to constantly answer this, "When was the last time you did something for the first time?"

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